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What Games Are Coming Out In March 2018?

March madness, bring a friend


March is here and the games of 2018 has now started rolling out even more than expected. Whatever platform you play on there’s a ton of games to consider picking up, with a lot of releases sharing the same date.

Just don’t buy all of them in one go, for the sake of your wallet, sanity and backlog wellbeing.

As always, this is not a complete list, but we want to highlight the game we find the most interesting and noteworthy to us, and maybe to you too. So, let’s take a look at what we have here.

Pit People (PC, Xbox One) March 2nd

The creators of fun shooter Alien Hominid, the well-made beat-em’-up Castle Crashes and platfomer Battleblock Theater has a new game. The Behemoth’s latest joint, Pit People, is a strategy tactics game set with the familiar surreal but cute (yet violent) art style. It is designed for co-op, both local and online with tons of characters and weapons (including a fence as a shield- a.. “de-fence”) to unlock.

It also works brilliantly on a controller too.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition (PC), Royal Edition (PS4, Xbox One) March 6th

Final Fantasy XV finally lands on PC, with very odd preorder bonuses, and a new release on console featuring even more content than the base game and season pass included (which current owners have to pay extra to experience). After our initial review was done the RPG saw a ton of updates which added more things to do and fixed some of the lingering issues.

If you have not played the long-awaited game released back in 2016, now’s the time. Just don’t call it the definitive edition just yet.

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Scribblenauts Showdown (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) March 6th

3,2,1, write some goofy animal/thing with an adjective thrown in front of it! Scribblenauts, the quirky puzzler where you solve problems by writing down a bunch of words to summon the most absurd things imagined by the developers (as long as it’s SFW and not copyrighted), is back with a twist.

This time the big showcase here is the Mario-Party style multiplayer. There is still the traditional level-based puzzle solving experience to be done here like prior games, but get a friend, preferably on a couch together, and one-up each other on writing down the most practical, or impractical but working, thing to solve a problem.

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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 (PC) March 8th

Think Left 4 Dead, but replace zombies with a swarm of Skaven, rat-people in the Warhammer universe and a focus on melee weapons. That’s what Warhammer: Vermintide summed up and now it has a sequel.

Vermintide 2 adds the enemy of Chaos alongside the Skaven horde, 5 different characters to choose from with 15 different careers which alters not only abilities but also appearance, and a better loot system. Yes, it’s a loot driven co-op first-person brawler. And it’s more fun with friends!

Devil May Cry HD Collection (PS4, PC, Xbox One) March 13th

This list is getting crazy! Let’s Rock!

With rumours that there may or may not be a new Devil May Cry coming soon, why not revisit the games that started it all and see how it evolved from something similar to Resident Evil but flashier combat to one of the pinnacles of character action games.

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And Devil May Cry 2, if you need to know how far they missed the mark on that one.

This will be the first remaster of the games on current generation of consoles, and will come to PC too.

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Surviving Mars (PS4, PC, Xbox One) March 15th

Let’s go to Mars, they say. It will be fun they say. Don’t let the tongue-in-cheek promos fool you, Surviving Mars is one tough colony builder.

If you like building cities, resource management plus the added risk that anomalies might disrupt your precious, wonderfully constructed domes, Surviving Mars is worth of look. It is made by the developers of the Tropico series.

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Burnout Paradise Remastered (PS4, Xbox One) March 16th

Oh would you please take me home now, in 1080p60? EA finally bit the bullet after dodging any remastered releases for so, so long, and they kicked off with the 2008 classic open-world racer.

Burnout Paradise broke tradition of the arcade racer series by having an open world map, filled to the brim, more than any other racing games have ever done before it, and arguably even games 10 years after it. This release includes all of the DLCs released for the game.

Fire up that Guns N’ Roses song again (or the too many versions of Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend) once more as it hits the PS4 and Xbox One first this month, with a PC version on Origin still set to release later this year.

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Kirby Star Allies (Nintendo Switch) March 16th

The first Kirby game on the Nintendo Switch has arrived. Rather than just gobbling up enemies to absorb its power, Kirby can now throw hearts out and recruit up to three allies, bringing in their abilities and potential team-up attacks without the need to needlessly gobbling them up.

The game formerly only known as Kirby is still a 2D platformer, with multiplayer options.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered (PS4, Xbox One) March 20th

Another remaster, but this one is for an overlooked gem. While the world focused on the dumpster fire that was the initial Assassin’s Creed Unity release, an actual decent AC game released the same year but for previous generation of consoles got slept under.

Now you can play Assassin’s Creed Rogue, the tale where you play as a Templar for the first time in the series, on current generation of consoles.

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Sea Of Thieves (PC, Xbox One) March 20th

Yarr! Set sails for the open sea with yer three scallywag of a crew, dig up some treasure, plunder some loot, and sing shanties while we at it. And grog!

Sea Of Thieves doesn’t have loot with bigger numbers, doesn’t have a deep combat system, and that’s not the point. It’s just a jolly good fun co-op games doing fun pirate stuff. The brilliance is on how the game makes use of the maximum number of four players in a crew and make them work together a lot, with a lot of opportunities for slapstick comedy and hijinks to happen on the fly. Serious game this is not, so just enjoy this Rare game, their first new IP in a long while.

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Valkyria Chronicles 4 (PS4) March 21st

Sega’s sleeper strategy tactics/RPG game Valkyria Chronicles is good, but its sequels were relegated to the PSP with the third game without any English release.

Ignoring the awful spin-off that is Valyria Revolution, Valkyria Chronicles 4 brings back the conflict of war set in a fictional world resembling 1940’s Europe. The game will take place around the same of the first game, but centers around a whole new set of characters.

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A Way Out (PS4, PC, Xbox One) March 23rd

A co-op only adventure? And you can also play wit a buddy online and said buddy don’t need to pay for an extra copy? By an eccentric film director now game director the literally shouted “F*** the Oscars” in an awards event livestreamed worldwide? For only RM99?

This sounds too good to be true, but that’s what A Way Out is bringing. Play as Leo and Vincent as you team up to break out of prison. The game will use the split-screen to dramatic, even cinematic effect.

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Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (PS4, PC) March 23rd

The follow-up to Level-5 and Studio Ghibli’s RPG collab may not feature the prominent animation studio name anymore in the marketing, but Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, remains on track to be a decent sequel.

Well, on track after quite a few delays that is.

A revamp of the combat system and a new kingdom building mechanic that may remind you of Dark Cloud, the developers’ earlier hit title, are some of the new highlights of the sequel.

Far Cry 5 (PS4, PC, Xbox One) March 27th

And finally, we have Far Cry 5. Early reveals showcased that this might have a serious jab to its themes, being set in Hope County, Montana, USA dealing with a cult of doomsday preppers, but as we learn about the game, it still has some goofiness. You can have a pet dog as a follower, there’s a bear called Cheeseburger, there’s a side-quest about collecting bull testicles.

It’s still an open world FPS where you and a buddy can co-op the entire main story like the last game. Maybe it has some seriousness, but if you’re just there for the shenanigans of the sandbox it should still be a fun ride.