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About Us


[title type=”h3″]About Us[/title]

Gamingsite Since: 2015

[blockquote]“When Malaya Talks About Gaming”[/blockquote]

Gamer Malaya, a gaming information site and news within International to Malaysia. Reason founded was to bring latest games news plus to bring all Malaysian gamers community together into one site. With stronger Malaysians community, we can get new friends, sharing tips, helping each other on gaming itself.

Our content are available both in English & Malay via URL below: (English Site) (Malay Site)

[title type=”h3″]GamerMalaya Crew[/title]
Eventhough we are small team, yet we are in huge scale of interest in gaming.

[title type=”h3″]4 Main Reason Why[/title]
As per image above, we do provide beneficial content which locally focus on gaming in Malaysia and at the same time over the world.
We do have alot of vision and mission, strive hard to become community gaming site in Malaysia.

[title type=”h3″]Current GamerMalaya Content[/title]
– Latest News
– Review
– Directory Games
– Video

[title type=”h3″]#1 Latest News[/title]


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Consist of latest news related to game either in Malaysia, South East Asia or worldwide. News regards about game launching, new consoles, new trailer and many more latest news will be share in
We also do provide sharing about latest info on sales / discounts in Malaysia which helps you to get better deals for your gaming passion.

[title type=”h3″]#2 Review[/title]




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Review on gaming or products which are related to gaming. In-depth review in writing or video, demo and preview for you.

[title type=”h3″]#3 Directory[/title]


With GamerMalaya game directory, you can easily browse thru latest news, gallery, guides or review which specifically on that game title iteself.

You can also provide your own Walkthrough or Guideline in GamerMalaya. Interested? Scroll down below for details.

[title type=”h3″]#4 Video[/title]


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Follow us in Youtube where we provide interactive and interesting videos for you.


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[title type=”h3″]Support Us – Geng GM[/title]
Support us, we always do update via our social sites as well. No harm to like or follow us right? Cuz sometimes… we… provide giveaway on our social site 😛

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Questions? Interested to become our Crew? Email:




[title type=”h3″]Coming Soon[/title]
What we plan for future of GamerMalaya?

– Community Sites for Malaysian Gamers
– Scheduling / Calendar system for gamers to find players / team for multiplayer
– Clan system for you to build, expand and conquer.
– Forum for gaming topic in Malaysia.


[title type=”h3″]Interested To Submit Yours?[/title]
– Wish to share around your guideline / walkthrough within GamerMalaya sites?
– Interested to share your article?
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