Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Demo Lets You Play Chapter 1 In Full, But Look At This Half-Life Suit

Wake up and smell the ashes, your highness

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is coming really soon, and if the benchmark is not enough, there will be a full demo of the game available.

The demo allows you to play the entirety of Chapter 1, which should have some simple battles and exploration opportunities. But most importantly, it should give a more practical test bed to see if your setup can run the game or not.

The demo will drop on February 26th on Steam.

Speaking of Steam, Square Enix is offering a pre-order bonus. While we don’t usually report on pre-orders nor encourage them, you have to see this. Gordon Freeman’s HEV Suit, a pair of glasses and the iconic crowbar is available for those pre-ordered on Steam, and can be equipped on Noct in the single-player mode as well as your created character in Comrades, the multiplayer DLC bundled together in Windows Edition.

Not exactly Half-Life 3, but it looks ridiculous that it sort of works. And it’s not the first time such collaborations were seen with this game.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will be out on March 7.


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