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What Games Are Coming Out In April 2018?

The calm before the storm


After a strong three months of game releases across all platforms, April may seem a bit of a downer in terms of breadth of new releases. But it’s not all barren and waste. Think of it as the calm before the storm. The time to catch-up on backlogs before the big releases looming by are out.

Still, there are good games coming out this month, so here’s some of our picks for you to consider.

Extinction (PS4, PC, Xbox One) April 10th

Last month Koei-Tecmo released Attack On Titan 2, the sequel to the game based on the anime and manga series about taking out giants. If you wished for a Western take of the formula, Extinction may be up your alley.

Your main hero has parkour mobility and character-action movesets fit for giant slaying. With a skill tree full of unlocks, dynamic missions and absolutely no microtransactions, Extinction should be a nice time filler.

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Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life (PS4) (April 17th For US And Europe)

The closing saga of Kazuma Kiryu is finally here. In fact it’s already out in Asia. But we had to include this one again because A) we missed out on adding this for last month and B) the list would be really, really short.

Yakuza 6 transitions the series into a whole new engine, which allows combat, exploration and entering indoor areas all seamless without loading screens. The framerate takes a drop to 30fps, the combat lacks the different styles you can switch to from Yakuza 0, but the whole package is still a fun ride of uncovering the yakuza underworld, but you can always stop by a cat cafe and a karaoke bar afterwards.

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God Of War (PS4) April 20th

Arguably the biggest, most notable release for April is the new entry of God Of War titled.. just God Of War. This is no reboot or remake, it’s a continuation story of Kratos, who now had another family after the events of past games and travels to the world of Norse mythology with his son Arteus. Combat is more methodical and Souls-inspired rather than character action, and the cinematic bits should remind you of The Last Of Us, but from early previews, this could be a downright winner.

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Nintendo Labo Variety Kit & Robot Kit (Switch) April 20th

There’s another console exclusive game for another platform on the same date as God Of War. For good reason. Nintendo Labo is Nintendo’s new take of using new control peripherals that are cheap and fun, beacuse you have to make them out of cardboards.

The two kits, Variety Kit and Robot Kit, comes with different games, the former an assortment of mini-games while the latter focuses on a game where you control a giant robot. Both kits require some assembly using cardboards where a joycon or the Switch tablet itself is inserted to it, utilising the many features it has for gameplay.

It’s novel, it sounds fun with kids around and it may be worth checking out if you are into the whole do-it-yourself thing.

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Frostpunk (PC) April 24th

Do you like building cities and settlements? Do you like making hard decisions? Then if Surviving Mars did not entice you enough for last month, have a go at Frostpunk.

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The world here is a barren, cold, wasteland. And you are in charge of a small colony of survival trying to live another day. With dire conditions, there will be tough, ethical questions you have to answer: Should you have children work overtime to keep the generators on power longer so your colony can survive the cold? Should you ration the food supply so much that there will be days these citizens have nothing but sawdust to eat?

It’s relentlessly bleak, but if you can pull it off you can build yourself an awesome derelict steampunk city. It’s from the creators of This War Of Mine, 11 Bit Studios, a game about surviving in a war-torn country that also have difficult decisions to make.

Battletech (PC) April 24th

Another PC strategy game out on the same date of Frostpunk. Based on the tabletop game in which the MechWarrior series was spun from, Battletech is a turn-based strategy game with mechs. Customise your mechs, recruit and develop your pilots, the MechWarriors and take on missions from the many sides of the war- from noble houses to local factions.

In addition to a comprehensive story mode, it also has multiplayer skirmishes to fight with friends, online opponents or just the AI.