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God Of War’s New Combat Is Less Character Action, More.. Methodical Action RPG

In other words: "Like Dark Souls", but more


New footage of the new God Of War has been (officially) been released. The first few from Sony describes the new combat system this not-reboot entry to the series will use.

Gone are the hack-and-slash character action of the past, the new combat system is described as “methodical”.

“Not all God Of Wars has to be just ‘charge in, hit  and wake up after everything is all over,” said Creative Director Corey Balrog. “We just don’t have this cerebral engagement.”

To fight, Kratos now his light and heavy attacks mapped on R1 and R2 respectively (though there are options to map them on the face buttons like the older games). Hold L2 to send Kratos’ new Leviathan Axe to an enemy, as seen in the few early trailers. While unarmed, Kratos can pull up a shield and use his bare hands to deal damage.

As seen in some of the pre-order items, we will see more RPG elements this time, with gear and stats, weapon customisation and combat skill trees being confirmed.

Hearing all this, the expected game journalist take is that the combat “is like Dark Souls” . However, Balrog assured that their combat system is different enough from regular Dark Souls.

For example, the aforementioned Axe should lead to more interesting options and you have your good son Atreus on your side which can help with context-sensitive actions such as fire an arrow at an enemy. There is no stamina to manage, and Kratos can still unleash his Spartan Rage, powering him up into full-on berserk mode. So the combat should make you think more about the moves to use while still have the feel of the godslayer with all his rage unshackled.

Take a look here:

Come to think of it, the release of Bloodborne free for March PS Plus subscribers might have been a calculated move to help ease in more players to this kind of combat mechanics.

God Of War will be out on March 20th exclusively on the PS4.

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Source: Playstation Blog