Starfield Passes 10 Million Players

Starfield, Bethesda Game Studios’ latest release, has amassed over 10 million players as of September 20, 2023.

That’s a slight bump from its launch week, which Starfield had 6 million players with a million concurrent players.

Of course, the use of “players” instead of “copies” or “units” obfuscates the number of players who paid full price for Starfield and those who played the game via Game Pass.

But it does gives a glimpse of the combined playerbase who plays games published by Xbox/Bethesda, those who are on Game Pass.

A totally unfair comparison is to look at the number of copies Final Fantasy VII Remake (including the next-gen version Remake Intergrade) has sold: 7 million copies sold over the course of three years.

What is fair to compare is that Starfield, and games by Bethesda Games Studio that may or not be classified as RPGs these days, have as large of a following as the biggest RPG series out there.

Despite the high score we give for Starfield in our review, it’s by no means a perfect game. But somehow its imperfections have become a fun quirk, sometimes even a selling point, as there’s no other games like it in the market.

And there’s surely an appetite for such games in the market.

Bethesda is working on more updates for Starfield, including a proper implementation of Nvidia DLSS upscaling, coming.

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