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Red Dead Online Tweaking Player Visibility And Bounty System In Next Update


Red Dead Online, which is still carrying the beta moniker, will get a new update later this February. The update will address how players are visible on the game map and radar as well as tweaks to the bounty system. These were hinted at from Rockstar’s last update notes.

The new update will make other players visible on the radar and map around a 150 meters radius, so you can hop across town or into the wilderness to lie low and escape from griefers.

A feature from GTA Online will also be coming here where you can see which players are aggressively hostile against others, so you can steer clear from them, or hunt them down for bounty.

As for the bounty system, players with high bounty will also be hunted down by NPC bounty hunters ala Red Dead Redemption II.

Also, another feature from GTA Online is the ability to initiate impromptu deathmatch (or team deathmatch if you’re in a posse). Daily Challenges will also be added where you can gain XP and gold nuggets.

This new update will be available on February 26th, and Rockstar is saying there are more new additions coming to the update. So stay tuned.

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Source: Rockstar Games