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Red Dead Online – First Impressions

The Grind Wild West.


While Red Dead Redemption 2 is a worthy contender for GOTY 2018, same can’t be said for Red Dead Online. Although it is still in beta, the negatives kinda outweighs it’s many positives that the online mode have but it’s quite an experience.

Which begs the question: Is it good enough to play it at its current state?

Westworld Early Days

A bit of a tangent. In HBO’s Westworld, a guest enters the show’s version of wild west after choosing their ideal clothing, weapon before dropping in via the train.

RDO almost does the same thing with their intro mission but switch the train with a prison coach. After that, you’re immediately dropped into the the state of Valentine… and pray that someone doesn’t immediately shoot and/or hogtie you to somewhere remote without remorse. Hence the Westworld bit, because boy, does the players have no care at all in this early stage.

You’ll be familiar with this picture soon.

The missions structures themselves are quite similar to GTA Online but with a slight twist: You’ll have to make morality choices. This ranges from you killing a bunch of outlaws using a train to saving a marriage… by making them flee. These choices can influence your honor, which might give/block you from certain missions.

Economical Crisis

Now, one of the reason why I didn’t mention gunplay is because it’s still the same like in the main story except for the enemies being more bullet sponges, players included. And if you want to have some firepower that’s akin to the main one, you’ll have to pay, a lot.

Them prices.

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The gun pricess are inflated, baked beans are a dollar more expensive than what Arthur Morgan pays, along with the payment of each mission being much smaller, it had a lot of players quite peeve over it, so much that Rockstar had to release a statement that promises some price re-balanced in a future update.

But other than that, you can still hunt animals for the pelts, kill bandits and take their belongings for cash but like the missions, the payout is far smaller, making it harder to save for a 300+ dollar shotgun, unless you want willing to shell out some gold later on since that payment haven’t been activated at time of playing.

Cold,Cold Heart


A short first impression because the online mode is STILL in Beta, which means by this time next month, it might be a whole different game, with Rockstar promising the ability to Roleplay as Ranchers and the likes within their own servers, which sounds interesting to say the least.

Sadly, I wasn’t even able to get into a Posse due to most rejecting my request but it was nice to be a sort of a drifter ala Clint Eastwood, drifting around Armadillo to New Austin while a gang keeps on chasing you to your doom. You might enjoy the story mode but Online really is for the brave, because at this moment, it might turn off some on playing it due to griefers and such, But really, it’s at least some mindless fun and isn’t that what the Wild West is all about?

Red Dead Online is now available in beta form for all owners of Red Dead Redemption 2.