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Rainbow Six Siege Has Amassed 30 Million Players Across All Platforms


Ubisoft is one of the publishers out there that are aggressively supporting the long tail, with more than one year of extra content being added for its biggest games. It’s a bold move, as others would just support for a year before releasing a sequel.

But so far it proved to be a good move, in particular is the case for Rainbow Six Siege. At launch on December 2015 it was hampered with online instabilities, a big sore point since it is  mostly a PVP multiplayer game. Add that to the insecurities of old fans with this new direction- Rainbow Six was a franchise built around the single player aspect- and it was met with mixed reception.

Now entering Year 3 of post-launch support, which kicked off with the limited time Outbreak PVE event, Rainbow Six has hit a big milestone- 30 million players. In December last year, that number was 25 million.

To celebrate, they release a video highlighting testimonies from players across Europe.

Ubisoft is also doing something similar to other games in its stable. Last year’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting a second round of new content starting with a special mission featuring Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher, while For Honor, which was plagued with online connectivity issues on launch, now has dedicated servers.

Via VG 24/7