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Falke, A Brand-New Character, Coming To Street Fighter V Next Week


The third season of Street Fighter has a mix of returning world warriors and new faces to the franchise. After a strong start with Sakura, to the character fans favoured the least they turned him into a meme Blanka, the next character is the brand new Shadaloo member, Falke.

Falke is another M.Bison, similar to Ed and Cammy. But outside of being blonde, Falke has a unique moveset. She uses a staff, but unlike Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Rolento, she has more utility coming out of it. It is both a projectile dispenser where she shoots it out like the staff is a shotgun as well as having a long range, good for poking during the neutral game.

Falke is also poised to beginner-friendly like Ed because some of her special moves can be done with two button presses sans motions. Her uppercut is done by pressing two punch buttons and pressing two kicks vaults her forward significantly.

Falke will be available on April 24 for Season 3 Character Pass, or can be purchased as a standalone DLC using either real money or spending 100,000 Fight Money, the in-game currency.

Source: Capcom Unity