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Blanka Rolls In As The Next Season 3 Character For Street Fighter V, Coming February 20

That goofy costume though


Love him or hate him, good old Blanka will electrify the stage of Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, now in its third season. The green man from Brazil seemed to be long forgotten since his brutal stance is now seen in Necalli and fellow Brazillian Laura has electric moves, but alas, here he is.

His playstyle should remain familiar to fans- you can still mash buttons for extra attacks and his moves still involves a lot of rolling. His V-Triggers can help extend combos in different ways, with his V-Trigger enabling him to do some crazy air juggles.

If you don’t like the look of default Blanka, three other costumes will be available on his release: a Nostalgia costume with his old Street Fighter II colours, the Battle Costume and a Story costume which turns him from a savage beast into a goofy mascot. Because why not.

Blanka will be available on February 20th. He is available for purchase using 100,000 Fight Money, or bought with real money either as a standalone DLC or as part of the Season 3 Character Pass, which includes Sakura (released last January), Cody, Sagat, G and Falke.