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BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Out Now In Asia, Developers Outlined What Can And Cannot Be Streamed

No Story Mode streams, outside that is all fair game


Blazblue Cross Tag Battle is out now in Asia and will be out tomorrow for US with Europe later this month. The 2V2 fighting game featuring characters from Blazblue, Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late (Uniel) and Western anime RWBY had a decent open beta the past few weeks. A good sign of things to come after the game was under fire for its too-aggressive DLC characters plan.

But as the game is now released, developers Arc System Works has issued a streaming guideline for BBTAG. The gist of it is that everything from the Episode Mode- the game’s Story Mode- is off-limits and so are pure soundtrack uploads. Content featuring combo videos, online matchups, streams or videos with the soundtrack playing in the background are A-OK.

The heavy emphasis of no streaming the story mode is similar to what happened to Persona 5 last year. Considering that Persona characters also appear in the game, and ArcSys’ last game Dragon Ball FighterZ saw no such restrictions, you can connect the dots on why such rules have been implemented

So head’s up for content creators out there. Should the warnings not be heeded you can’t not escape from crossing fate with ID claims or even worse a channel strike.

We’ve tried out BBTAG beta and found the all-new combat system not lifted from any of the three fighting games makes it a fresh experience to pros and casual players alike. We talked about in a previous episode of dia.log- The Gamer Matters Podcast here.