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Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Open Beta Starts May 12th

Once the beta ends, it will become an offline demo


Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, the four-way crossover anime fighting game might not have gotten the best of pre-release buzz thanks to its questionable DLC method (which has thankfully been addressed), but it might still worth checking out.

An open beta will be available for everyone to try on the PS4 starting May 12th at 4PM Malaysian time (+8GMT) and will last until May 14th at midnight.Those who pre-ordered can download it right now.

The beta includes casual lobbies for online play, a limited tutorial, VS Mode against CPU. Those that pre-ordered also has access to 2P VS Mode, so you can battle your friends side-by-side.

Here’s the link to the beta on PS Store Asia.

Once the beta period ends, the client will still be available, essentially turning it into a demo.

The beta will contain four characters: Ragna from Blazblue, Yu Narukami from Persona 4 Arena, Hyde from Under Night In-Birth and Ruby from RWBY. The character roster available to those that pre-ordered is significantly higher- 20 including the four mentioned earlier.

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle will be out on May 31st in Asia for the PS4. It will also be available on PC and Nintendo Switch on its global release date that is June 5th.