Atlus Relaxes Rules On Streaming Persona 5

Persona 5 is one amazing game, but one minor issue it has currently is its strong stance against sharing footage. While the intentions are good- avoiding spoilers to spread, and it’s a story-heavy game- but the odd restrictions from disabling PS4 Share functions to weird embargoes on what footage can be shown does not go down well to fans and video producers/ streamers.

Thankfully, Atlus USA has made another official note to loosen up the rules for streaming and video content- the cutoff point has been moved from the in-game date of 7/7 to 19/11 (which is way past the halfway mark and reaching the endgame). No additional requirements to not show certain scenes were mentioned this time so it’s safe to assume everything can be shown up until that date.

The slight change of heart has to be credited to the many folks criticising the need to clamp up streaming that hard. Atlus USA acknowledged the responses they received from the ruling, which resulted the new changes.

If the current trend continues, hopefully Atlus will lift up all the rulings (and maybe enable PS4 Share) once the game is out long enough. If the intention here is to stop spoilers going out to quickly on the release window, then by the coming months it should be fine to not worry much about spoilers.

In case you missed it, we highly recommend Persona 5. While the story itself may not be that great, the way it unfolds is certainly an experience, especially if you’re going in blindly. Plus, it’s a really good JRPG.

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