Warframe’s The Old Blood Update Adds New Frame Grendel, Nemesis System And More

Warframe launched a new update now live on PC. Update 26, titled The Old Blood, introduces the big boy warframe Grendel, where his ability revolves around eating your enemies. And he has jiggle physics, for the tummy.

But it does not stop there. The Nemesis System (or the Kingpin system as developers Digital Extremes refer to internally) is also coming, and it is astoundingly complex. A Kuva Lich is one particular nemesis, and only one per player, that will grow in power and requires your full understanding of the game’s mechanics, and the how the Kuva Lich system works, in order to take them down.

New to all players is the Parazon, a multi-use tool now serves for hacking and also a way to unlock the secrets of defeating your Kuva Lich. The Parazon is also moddable with new mods that boost hacking time or give buffs after a successful hack.

To defeat Kuva Liches, you will need to acquire and equip a specific combination, in specific order, of the all-new Requiem Mods. Requiem Mods come from the new Requiem Relics, where it is unlocked by doing the new Void Fissures missions on the Kuva Fortress. Requiem Relics drop from Kuva Siphon missions (30% chance) and Kuva Flood Siphon missions (100%).

Once you are able to defeat your Kuva Lich, you can either vanquish them and grab their unique (and new) Kuva variant weapons, or conquer them, which gives a chance of them to reappear by your side to aid you in future missions.

The Kuva Lich got a big re-reveal at the recent Empyrean demo at TennoCon 2019. Looks like Warframe’s take on the Nemesis System is ready before that big ambitious update, which is still geared for release sometime later this year.

And that’s not all. The Old Blood update also brings in the long-needed rework for Vauban and Ember, which falls out of use with their kits not suited for Warframe as the looter-shooter went even more fast-paced. The melee system continues to get reworked, now with the ability to equip only melee weapons again and more.

The full list of changes and additions is a long read and can be found here. The update is now live on PC but should soon head to PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

Source: Warframe


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