E3 2019: Warframe Empyrean (Previously Railjack) Full Reveal At TennoCon 2019

Watch it live and get a free Warframe

At the PC Gaming Show 2019, Digital Extremes showed a sneak peek of its upcoming big update, Empyrean.

Previously known as Railjack, the update will let you and three fellow Tenno navigate space in a pilotable ship, the Railjack. There will be combat on the Railjack, as well as ship combat against other ships and the ability to use the archwings to fly around the Railjack and get onboard other ships.

Have a look:

In various occasions, Warframe Empyrean is described as bringing the “space” in their original pitch of a space ninja game, or “Warframe FTL”.

The full reveal of Warframe Empyrean will be shown on at TennoCon on July 6th. All the events held on the main stage will be streamed on Twitch. Watching the main keynote- TennoLive – from 6-7PM ET (July 7th 6-7AM Malaysian Time, +8GMT) on Twitch for at least 30 minutes and you get to earn the Nekros Prime warframe for free.

It’s a good deal, considering that the main Nekros warframe can take more effort to grind, and they are handing out the slightly better Prime version, for just watching the keynote.

Source: Warframe


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