Warframe’s Install Size Getting At Least 15GB Smaller In Upcoming Updates

As games gets frequent updates for more content and assets getting more high-res, install sizes have been ballooning. A modern AAA title can go around 100GB of install size these days, and we’re not talking about next-gen games yet.

So it’s cool to see some games are making inroads with reducing install size, rather than continue letting it bloat up.

In a forum post, Warframe developers Digital announce that in a next update arriving this week on PC. It’s a 6.5GB update, but will free up 6.5GB of space. The current install size for Warframe, with the Heart Of Deimos update, on PC is nearly 41GB.

This will be one of three updates, or “mini-remasters”, that will arrive throughout 2020, with the developers reckon that total size saved to be 15GB the least.

This is the result of the developers changing how texture data in Warframe is compressed, it will now be utilising Oodle Texture. It should take up less in size, with barely any changes to graphical quality, if any.

This would be a small quality-of-life update in the grand scheme of things, but considering Warframe is a live game with frequent updates, these are nice things to have. And yes, storage sizes are a premium these days- gaming laptops come standard with only 512GB of SSD. It’s definitely not ideal for 150GB of that is used solely just for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare.

Source: Warframe Forums


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