Warframe Heart Of Deimos Update Now Live, Adds Demonic-Looking Open World Map And More

The next mainline update to free-to-play looter-shooter Warframe is now live. Heart Of Deimos adds a new open world map, the third following the Plains of Eidolon and Fortuna update. This time, it’s in Mars’ moon, Deimos and centered around the Infested faction of enemies.

This demonic hellscape introduces you to new characters. This includes Mother and her loyal servants Loid and Otak.

The update also adds the new warframe Xaku. The “broken warframe” was designed by the community, and utilises the power of the void as their main theme.

For more advanced players, you’ll also get to mess around with the Helminth System. It’s a resource sink that you can dump many of your unused resources to unlock new abilities to add to any warframe. Oh, you can also subsume any warframe to have one of its four abilities available to be transplanted to any other warframe of your choosing. Feed that fungi from hell a warframe and it’ll be gone from your inventory- but you can always grind/buy them back in some ways.

For new players, you will see a vastly different new player experience that sets up the begininning of Warframe. However, veterans can also try it out by going into the Codex and selecting “The Awakening”.

You can also now shoot weapons while riding on a K-Drive or the new Velocipod, new companions and the ability to pilot the Necramech. Yeah, there’s mechs in Warframe now too.

The Heart Of Deimos update is now live on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with Nintendo Switch getting the update sometime this week.

via Warframe


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