The Last Of Us Part II Delayed Indefinitely

The Last Of Us Part II has been delayed again, now without an upcoming release date. The follow-up to Naughty Dog’s 2013 post-sort-of-zombie-apocalypse adventure was set to release in February but pushed back to May. Now it’s being pushed back indefinitely.

SIE announced the delay, alongside Marvel’s Iron Man VR, in a tweet:

Logistics issue is being cited. Most likely it’s probably hard to ship games, and for folks to go out and buy games, with most parts of the world being asked to stay home thanks to the current situation.

SIE reassures that other games are still scheduled as expected. SIE has one other big title- Ghost Of Tsushima, which is due out in June.

Naughty Dog offered their own update on the state of the game, saying that the game is done and now working on bug fixes. Again, emphasising logistics issue being the reason here:

As the world continues to battle the current crisis, expect some big AAA game titles to be delayed to what we all hope to be better times.


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