Ghost Of Tsushima Releases On June 26th

Sucker Punch’s long-waited open-world samurai game, Ghost Of Tsushima, now has a release date proper after the recent release window reveal.

It’s not that long of a wait too, it’s early summer, just in the end of June.

To coincide that announcement, there’s a new story trailer, showing how our protagonist, Jin Sakai, is dealing with the Mongol invaders, by eschewing traditional samurai values.

If you love English voice-acting with just a hint of accents, seems like Ghost Of Tsushima nailed it. But if you prefer to just listen to these folks talking in native Japanese, that’s an available option too.

Ghost Of Tsushima drops on June 26th on the PS4. Playstation fans will get their big new games back-to-back. The Last Of Us Part II, the other big first-party exclusive, is still scheduled for release on May 29th.

UPDATE 6/3/20: SIE Singapore has revealed the pricing and editions of Ghost Of Tsushima in Malaysia. The digital standard version on PS Store Asia is priced at RM249, with the Digital Deluxe Edition at RM299. Pre-orders are now live.

The physical Collector’s Edition will be coming to Malaysia, with pricing to be revealed at a later date.


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