E3 2018: Here’s Our First Look At Ghost Of Tsushima’s Gameplay, Will Have Japanese Dubs

Ghost Of Tsushima looks like a promising game when it debuted at Paris Games Show last year, And now we have our first look at gameplay from Sucker Punch, revealed at Playstation’s E3 2018 media showcase..

As expected, it looks really nice. The rolling hills, the strong wind that blows during the whole gameplay segment really shows it has production quality. Traversal such as climbing buildings and what seems to be a better looking melee combat compared to Infamous were also shown.

Have a look here.

Set in feudal Japan when the island of Tsushima is being invaded by Mongolian forces, wouldn’t it be great to play the whole game entirely in Japanese? Apparently Sucker Punch has confirmed this is something they are working on, showing the press at E3 the same trailer but in Japanese. The whole game will have Japanese dub as an option, so you get the most authentic experience.

Here’s the same trailer but with Japanese dubs. The Mongolians also speak Mongol.

Ghost Of Tsushima will be a PS4 exclusive. No word on a release date was mentioned yet.

Via Eurogamer

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