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Street Fighter V Getting Season 4 Of New Fighters, Starting With Kage

Evil Ryu? sort of


Capcom Cup 2018 pulls down its curtain and has crowned a new champion. And as always, the last announcement from the fighting game tournament showcases new content coming to Street Fighter V.

A new season, Season 4, of content has been confirmed and that includes a list of new balance changes. In addition, a new character was revealed, Kage. Well, new-ish.

In previous games, there is Evil Ryu, a version of the poster character where he is succumbed to the Satsui No Hado. However, in this game’s story Ryu has quelled that energy within him, which prevented him from turning into Evil Ryu. So instead, the Satsui No Hado inside Ryu manifested as its own physical being, a shadow of Ryu, hence the name Kage (which means Shadow in Japanese).

Gameplay-wise, Kage is another souped-up version of the regular shoto archetype with more mix-up opportunities. And yes, some familiar looking moves- the Axe Kick (Ryusokyaku) certainly looked like it was from Evil Ryu.

Have a look here:

For a better gameplay breakdown, check this video here, listing how his moveset and V-System works:

Kage is available now for purchase with 100,000 Fight Money (in-game currency) or as paid DLC, alongside the balance changes which comes for free. Interestingly, Capcom is not revealing how many characters that will be coming this season, stating that they are “doing things differently this year.”

Source: Capcom Unity

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