Sony Is Opening A New Worldwide Studio In Malaysia

The first in Southeast Asia

At the closing ceremony of Level Up KL 2019, there was one last big thing to announce. Sony Interactive Entertainment is opening a new Worldwide Studio in Malaysia.

Sony Worldwide Studios (SIE WWS) is the umbrella name for Sony’s first-party developers. The likes of Naughty Dog, newly bought Insomniac, Guerilla Games, Polyphony Digital and many more. Now, there is one new studio in Malaysia, the first of Sony’s first-party in Southeast Asia.

“We are excited and honoured to announce our formal partnership with SIE WWS on the establishment of its studio in Malaysia, which will create more opportunities for the local and regional game industry,” said YB Gobind Singh Deo, Minister of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia.

“With this establishment, Malaysia will be working closely with Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios to create more opportunities for the local and regional games industry.

“Together, we will work to uplift creative talents in Malaysia and even establish a partnership with our local educational partners. This is to ensure the accelerated growth of this industry in our country will be supported.”

“Impressive talent, a vibrant game ecosystem, and support from the government are key
reasons why we have decided to take our partnership with Malaysia to the next level,” said Jim
Ryan, President and CEO, Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Former SIE WWS President Shuhei Yoshida, now in charge of a new division to support indie games, was present at the closing ceremony.

The new Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (SIE WWS Malaysia) will open doors in 2020, with a focus on providing art and animation as part of the bigger WWS family developing games for Playstation.

With this and Larian Studios, there’s more chance to get into the game industry in Malaysia than ever. And more glamorous too. It’s also a sign of confidence that the talent here is good enough for a first-party title, as seen in the many times local studios have contributed to Sony’s first-party output.

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