Larian Studios Is Opening A Studio In Malaysia, Now Hiring

...just don't call the employees "pelarian"...

CRPG specialists Larian Studios has announced that they are opening up shop in Malaysia. Announced at the keynote address delivered by studio founder Swen Vincke at Level Up KL 2019, Kuala Lumpur will join the four other current studios operating at Dublin, Quebec, St. Petersburg and their home base at Gent, Belgium.

Speaking with various employees at Larian at the show floor, the studio in Kuala Lumpur will not just be responsible for asset and art creation- a common specialisation among the dev studios here. Positions for QA (i.e. game testing) and programming are also open. While a few Larian veterans will be coming over to KL to train the new hires, the main goal for Larian Studios KL is to hire locally.

The developers are working on the upcoming Baldur’s Gate III, which Larian Studios KL will be involved in the development as well.

The exact location of the KL office is yet to be decided.

Larian Studios KL is hiring now. You can find the full job listings here.


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