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Skate Spiritual Successor Session Ollies To Steam Early Access September 17th


Session, the skateboarding game with strong influences from EA’s Skate, will be coming to Steam Early Access. A few weeks after, it will also ollie up to the Xbox Preview Program on Xbox One.

Developed by Crea-ture Studios, Session is a more sim-oriented take on the skateboarding genre where the controller’s analog stick represents each foot of the skater. As such, the game is much closer to what the Skate series was rather than the more arcadey (but totally fun) Tony Hawk Pro Skater series. To add more to the sim element, pulling off moves during a switch stance will be harder.

The Early Acess version of Session will let you skate on a 1:1 representation of New York City, with the focus on lower Manhattan. A video editor will be available as well so you can create your own skateboarding videos, complete with VHS filter.

For those clamouring for Skate 4 still, maybe have this a look.

Session will be out in full sometime next year on PC (Steam) and Xbox One.