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Session Is The Skate 4 Game We Wanted, Now On Kickstarter


Where’s Skate 4? While there have been strong fan demand for the game for years, we might never see one soon considering the original developers, Black Box Studios (that were also the main caretakers of Need For Speed in the 00’s) have shut down.

In the meantime, one indie development team, crea-ture Studios, is aiming to revive the essence of the game with Session.

Session uses the same innovative controls Skate introduced: using analog sticks to control your feet. Pulling a kickflip is a combination of analog stick flicks, which can be hard but also rewarding.

But unlike the Tony Hawk games or Skate it is inspired from, Session isn’t about scoring points. It’s all about doing what you want on a skateboard, and then record the footage with the in-game video editor. Online multiplayer is available to shred together in the open world and help each other record their skateboarding sessions.

It all sounds ambitious for an indie game on Kickstarter. The game is now funded (but additional funding is still accepted for stretch goals) and a prototype demo is available to download and try at the Kickstarter page here. The game is already set to be on Steam Early Access and Xbox One via the Xbox Preview Program sometime in 2018.