SINoALICE Passes 2 Million Pre-Registrations, Nier Automata And Replicant Collab Events Start July 16

SINoALICE, the upcoming mobile RPG headed by Nier and Drakengard 3’s Yoko Taro, has surpassed 2 million pre-registrations.

The game, developed by Pokelabo and Square Enix, will be launching on July 1 after a year worth of delay.

To celebrate the upcoming launch, the first in-game event will feature a collaboration with Yoko Taro’s previous work- the Nier series. These in-game events will cover both Nier Replicant (which is getting a remaster-ish for current consoles) and Nier Automata (our GOTY for 2017).

For Nier Automata, expect to see the android duo of 2B and 9S face off the amusement park boss Beauvoir, just like in the game. Expect to see Emil and A2 as well new weapon stories exclusive to SINoALICE.

For Nier Replicant, the in-game event will see it follows the original storyline of Young Nier, loud-mouth Kaine, Boy Nier, Emil, and red-haired twins Devola and Popola. This isn’t Nier Gestalt- the version outside of Japan got to play, so no Papa Nier.

The two events will start on July 16, two weeks after launch.

Pre-registration is still open for SINoALICE. You can do so on iOS here and for Android here.


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