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Red Dead Online Will Add Roles As Part Of ‘Frontier Pursuits’, Coming In September 10th


Red Dead Online is expanding with the addition of Frontier Pursuits. This is the umbrella term for the new roles you can take up, level up via specific activities which unlocks special perks and equipment.

The first three roles are the ones teased before: Bounty Hunter, Trader and Collector. To begin each track, you will need to invest in 15 gold bars (the premium currency), though each one has an alternative, free-ish method to unlock.

Here’s a quick summarised rundown of the three roles

Bounty Hunter

  • starts by acquiring the Bounty Hunter License from the Legendary Bounty Hunter in Rhodes
  • free unlock via linking Twitch and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts before September 8th
  • get bounties from bounty boards, and track them down solo or with a posse (posse gets a cut from the reward)
  • bringing bounties alive nets better rewards
  • by Rank 12, lets you hunt down other players. Players can flee, surrender and serve time in jail
  • special perks include ducking while on horseback
  • special equipment includes Bolas- thrown weapon that tangles the legs


  • start by investing in the Cripps Trading Company
  • free unlock if you play on PS4
  • hunt animals and do restocking missions to supply the trading post
  • protect your trade post from raids by rival traders
  • special perks include training a dog to alert you of incoming raiders
  • special equipment includes a stew pot, make stew that boosts cores


  • start by buying the Collector’s Bag from Madam Nazar
  • free unlock by collecting 54 hidden playing cards in GTA Online
  • find hidden treasures and family heirlooms
  • treasures can be sold to Madam Nazar individually or in set (for a higher price)
  • special perks include collecting herbs while on horseback
  • special equipment include a metal detector, useful in finding buried treasure

In addition, the update coming with Frontier Pursuits will add “dramatic improvements to player control with quicker and more responsive movement across all phases of combat and locomotion.” A long way to say that Rockstar has improved the lumbering controls in general. And also lets you customise your character’s appearance without needing to reset all progress.

The update to Red Dead Online goes live on September 10th.

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via Rockstar Games