Red Dead Online Leaves Beta, Adds A Slew Of Features And Changes In New Update Out Now

Red Dead Online Beta no more. Rockstar has dropped a big update today for the multiplayer component to Red Dead Redemption II and is now retiring the beta tag in its title. Along with that, there’s a slew of new features and changes that have been added.

Story-filled missions, A Land Of Opportunities, gets a continuation with this update, with new missions for both honoroble and dishonorable paths. One of the two new Free Roam mission features characters from the Red Dead Redemption II campaign- the Aberdeen Pig Farmers.

There are now Posse versus challenges, where you compete with your posse members on a challenge to see who’s best. This includes Biggest Fish Contst, Bird Shooting Contest and Herb Picking Contest.

A highly-requested feature, you can now play poker. You can play in private, against friends or through invite-only, or play on public tables with bigger takes and bigger stakes.

There’s also a new Showdown Mode called Overrun, which involves teams capturing territory. A new weapon, the LeMat Revolver, as well as more clothing options (ponchos, bandanas) are also available for purchase.

More comprehensive detail on the two playing styles (Offensive, Defensive) and the hostility system are also outlined. Each should, in theory, reduce griefing opportunities. Have a read through them here.

Rockstar obviously is not done with the updates, as they also teased a new role system where you can play as a bounty hunter, a trader and a collector. That’s almost what we wanted from our first impressions, and given the sizable community of role-players in GTA Online these days, this should be a cool new feature to look forward to.

The Red Dead Online update is now available for all Red Dead Redemption II owners on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Rockstar


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