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PUBG Now Available On PS4, New Snow Map Vikendi Coming Soon

There's snow stopping it


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has landed on PS4. The battle royale game first hit consoles on Xbox One via the Preview Program and had a limited-time console exclusive.

The game is priced at RM111.

The game now has three different maps, the original Erangal, the arid lands of Miramar and the smaller sized lush jungles of Sanhok. A new map, Vikendi, has recently been teased at The Game Awards.

Here’s the trailer:

Vikendi is a 6x6km sized map, bigger than the small map of Sanhok but smaller than the regular-sized maps of the other two. With snow comes visible snow tracks, something you or the other 99 players can use to track down other competitors. The map will add a new gun, the G36C and snowmobiles.

The Vikendi map is now available on PC test servers and will launch on PC first on December 19th. PS4 and Xbox One will get access to it sometime in November.