Obsidian’s New Game Grounded Out Now In Early Access, Includes Arachnophobia Mode

Obsidian is trying something new with their latest release, Grounded. It’s Honey I Shrunk The Kids, mixed with what Fortnite used to be- survival base-building.

In Grounded, you play as a team of kids shrunken down to itty-bitty size and must find a way to survive the backyard. This also means that most of your enemies are gigantic insects, including giant enemy spiders.

This shouldn’t be a problem with most people (especially those that love Earth Defense Force), but for the folks that have the fear of spiders, thankfully there’s a solution.

Obsidian worked with the Xbox Research team to figure out what triggers arachnophobia, the fear of spiders. The result is Arachnophobia mode, an accessibility feature you can toggle to turn the creepy monstrosities into a two floating blobs with two cute eyes. Audio effects of the spiders are also limited too, but these are aesthetic changes, they will still be as ferocious as before.

However, if you fear insects in general, there’s still more of that in Grounded. Still, it’s a great accessibility feature. Hopefully, when Obsidian gets around with their RPG Avowed, that looks like an Elder Scrolls game (which do have giant enemy spiders), Arachnophobia Mode is carried over, should there be spiders.

Grounded is out now on Early Access on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store) and Xbox One. It’s also available on Xbox Game Pass.

Via Xbox Wire


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