Avowed Is Obsidian’s New First-Person RPG, Gives Off Elder Scrolls Vibe

Obsidian is now part of Xbox Game Studios. Their first revealed project under a first-party umbrella was a bit different from these RPG specialists. It was a co-op survival game called Grounded.

Thankfully, at the recent Xbox Games Showcase, Obsidian revealed a new game they are working on which is also a one-word title but more importantly, it’s a first-person RPG.

Avowed will take place in the fantasy world of Eora. The reveal trailer has no gameplay but gives a glimpse that it’s a first-person RPG. With sword on one hand and magic on the other, it gives some vibes like the Elder Scrolls series. Not the first time they made a game similar to Bethesda’s.

Fans of Obsidian should be relieved that they are still making RPGs. Avowed has no release window but will be coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Windows 10 PCs, and will be part of Xbox Game Pass.

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