Nintendo Switch Sales Pass 129 Million Units

According to Nintendo’s latest earnings release (via Gematsu), sales of the Nintendo Switch are at 129,530,000 units as of June 2023. The report is forecasting 150 million units to be sold by the end of the fiscal year in March 2024.

That should put the Switch sales being ahead of Sony’s PS4 which was last reported to top at 120 million, and four times higher than the current PS5 though that gap is likely to be reduced over time.

The Nintendo Switch first released in 2017 and has later spawned the Nintendo Switch Lite (which removes the docking feature to make it a true handheld) and Nintendo Switch OLED (which adds a more premium screen) models.

The base Nintendo Switch still outsells the other two by a huge margin at 90.23 million units, with the Switch Lite at 21.45 million and Switch OLED at 17.785 million.

The Switch may not be hardware-wise as powerful as a PS4 and Xbox One, but its quirky features, and Nintendo’s strong first-party lineup, has definitely appealed to a majority of console gamers.

Via Gematsu

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