New Trailer For F1 2020 Details How You Will Run Your Own F1 Team

F1 2020 will introduce a new My Team mode where you run your own F1 team, built from the ground up. Codemasters have now detailed what to expect in this mode, a new addition to the annual F1 game series.

As you’d expect, the car livery and race suit design can be picked from a wide selection, featuring simpler lines and shapes to more out-there designs like the ones with splotches of paint.

You will also need to sign sponsors for the team, though unlike Codemasters’ other game Dirt 5, the sponsors here are all fictional. Your team will be a customer entry, as in, you’ll need to buy a power unit (engine) from the four manufacturers: Ferrari, Mercedes, Renault and Honda.

Your created character will be racing in this team, but you’ll need a teammate too. You can sign a driver from the driver market made up of real-life F1 drivers for this year and drivers from the junior F2 category from 2019. These drivers have Ultimate Team-style driver stats, and will evolve as your My Team mode (and the real-life racing season) progresses.

Each driver can also invest in perks, like media coaching so you can have more dialogue options in interviews.

Speaking of Ultimate Team, the trailer here uses the song “The Runner” by Foals, which appeared on the FIFA 20 soundtrack, interestingly enough.

My Team will also see you developing your factory, covering the aerodynamics, powertrain, chassis, personnel (simulator) and marketing facilities.

You will start from humble beginnings where the aero department uses a fan and water hose to get those flow contours visible, and upgrading to a proper wind tunnel later. Your sim starts as just a simple setup that looks more like a regular gamer’s F1 game setup, before moving up to a proper triple screen setup with force feedback seat.

You will be spending resource points- the familiar upgrade points from past games- to not only develop the car, but develop your facilities.

My Team is also a long mode, where it’s expected you to play for multiple in-game F1 seasons. Drivers and teams will accrue acclaim, which is used to unlock more sponsors, getting better facility upgrades and hire more reputable drivers to the team.

F1 2020’s My Team mode is channeling the best of Codemasters’ extensive career modes from past games, and it looks promising. Especially if you are a big fan of the sport. But from a video game perspective, on paper, it’s one of the most extensive career mode Codies has offered yet.

We shall see if My Team delivers when F1 2020 comes out on July 10 for the PS4, PC (Steam), Xbox One and Stadia.

Source: Formula 1 Game

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