Dirt 5 Career Mode Detailed, Including Characters, Co-Op And More

Dirt 5, Codemasters’ upcoming next-gen off-road racer, will have a Career Mode. And it sounds promising so far.

As detailed in the blog post, the Career Mode will take you to the world of Dirt, which will feature two prominent characters. One is the current superstar Alex “AJ” Janiček, played by Troy Baker.

The other big character is Bruno Durand, played by Nolan North. Bruno is a known champion “in other off-road disciplines” and has some beef with AJ beforehand. Between the two icons, as the post describes them, you will carve your own path.

Interestingly, there’s an in-universe podcast series as well, hosted by James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes from Donut Media. So your Career Mode progress will be commentated by the two, alongside other guests including AJ and Bruno as well as W Series champion Jamie Chadwick and content creator SLAPTrain.

Codies have done story modes before in racing games, as early as Toca Race Driver. More recently, we saw story beats being weaved into the start of the career mode for F1 2019.

Speaking of paths, Dirt 5’s Career Mode structure will have over 130 events of nine different race types, but you can pick and choose which you want to race in. Thankfully, you don’t need to win each event, scoring a podium finish will earn you Stamps, and with enough Stamps you’ll unlock the next chapter.

Each chapter ends with a Main Event race, where you need to finish third or better to progress.

Completing certain objectives will unlock secret Throwdown events, a one-on-one race. So something like it was in Race Driver: Grid.

Speaking of Grid, you can now (again) sign different sponsors for your car. And it includes some real-life brands too. Each sponsor has short and long-term objectives to fulfil, and there’s motivation to stay loyal to a brand- with more unlocks including exclusive liveries offered should you stick with them long enough.

Career Mode also supports 4-player split-screen, drop-in drop-out. The best result counts for the Career Mode progression. And your buddies can keep the XP rewards for their accounts (but not Career Mode unlocks).

From the several screenshots, you can see the UI and logos being used brings back the “2000’s extreme” flair from Dirt 2. And at least on paper, there’s some weight and context to your progression this time, not like the very dry Career Modes of Dirt Rally 2.0 and Grid (2019).

But we shall see if Dirt 5 can live it up to the promise. Dirt 5 launches on PS4, PS5, PC (Steam), Xbox One and Xbox Series X this October.

Source: Codemasters


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