F1 2020 Will Have Ultimate Team-Style Driver Ratings

The F1 2020 game by Codemasters will include a new My Team mode, where you get to run as the 11th team on the Formula 1 grid where you can recruit the real-life drivers from the pool of the 2020 F1 and F2 category.

This also brings in a new feature for the game, Driver Ratings. These are scores from 1-99 across four categories based on real-world data.

The categories are, as explained on the Formula 1 website, as follows:

Experience – A higher experience score will help players collect a greater number of ‘Resource Points’, used in the game to buy car upgrades.

Racecraft – A higher racecraft score allow the driver to unleash more effective overtakes.

Awareness – A higher score here will mean the driver is less likely to lose control of their car when the going gets tough.

Pace – Quite simply, the higher the pace score, the more rapid a driver will be throughout a race.

The reveal shows the pair of drivers from each team with a very familiar look- cards. Like what EA Sports has been doing with their Ultimate Team game modes.

There’s still more driver ratings to be revealed, but at the time of writing, a few of them has been released, with some interesting numbers.

Six-times World Champion Lewis Hamilton is rated at 94, with only his experience stat no reaching the high 90s. The highest driver in experience is the absolute legend himself, Kimi Raikkonen at Alpha Romeo. Red Bull’s Max Verstappen is the highest in the racecraft department so far at 94, though king of the late-brakers Daniel Ricciardo is not bad himself at 90.

It will be interesting to see the full lineup of Driver Ratings, including in the junior F2 category once it’s all revealed. And the ratings (and driver salary) should play a big part in recruiting drivers in the new My Team mode.

F1 2020 will be out on July 10 for the PS4, PC, Xbox One and Stadia.


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