Microsoft Announced Project xCloud, A Gaming Streaming Service

Looks like everyone is investing money on the game streaming future. Microsoft has announced Project xCloud, a gaming streaming service. Just like GeForce Now, Playstation Now and Google’s Project Stream, Project xCloud will be processing Xbox and PC games on the cloud- a server- and all you need are a device that can connect to the Internet and a decent enough connection.

Microsoft is planning to utilise its massive Azure Servers spread around the world- including Southeast Asia- to power the streaming service. The servers are also decked out with hardware that can process future and past Xbox games. Project xCloud is already in testing, utilising tablets and mobile phones paired with Xbox One controllers, with plans to support touch controls in the works.

Testing right now utilises the current 4G mobile network with 10Mbps, with plans to support the upcoming 5G networks and lowering the bitrate even more. Public trials will start next year.

Game streaming is certainly one of the next new thing in the gaming industry. Should the technology is ready to support lower bitrates while maintaining low latency and graphics quality, it will take off eventually. Though Microsoft adamantly said in the video that game streaming is an alternative, not the replacement, to traditional console hardware.

Source: Microsoft


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