Google Announces Project Stream, Testing Out AAA Game Streaming With Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Rumour has it that Google is working on its own entry into the gaming space, with some use of streaming service involved. Today, Google announced Project Stream. This is an initiative to “solve some of the biggest challenges of streaming”.

And what better way to do that than streaming a AAA game like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Running on Chrome.

Project Stream will undergo limited testing for US residents with a 25Mbps internet connection starting October 5th. Google has a video of it in action, which streams the game at 1080p, 60fps (though the game itself seems to lock at 30fps). Have a look.

Streaming game is obviously nothing new. OnLive used to offer a subscription to stream games though it was ahead of its time, the infrastructure is not there yet. Today, PS Now and GeForce Now also offers such service for PS4 and PC games respectively.

The intriguing part is Kotaku confirming this is Project Yeti that should be Google’s lead-in into gaming. If Google can solve the inherit issues of lag and the need for huge bandwidth speeds to stream games, it may take off properly this time.

Souce: Google via Kotaku

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