Level Up KL Is Having Two One Events For Devs and The Public This Month

MDEC has announced that Level Up KL, the premier developer conference in Southeast Asia (and, as of last year, also a gaming festival for the public) will go online. Properly this time.

Like last year, it will be two different events, catering to two different crowds. Level Up Spacebar will be the developer and business-centric event, that will happen on June 16. More details for Level Up Spacebar can be found here.

Meanwhile, MDEC has partnered with esports TV channel eGG Network for Level Up Play-One. Happening on June 13 and 14, this will include streams on Facebook Gaming (a 12-hour broadcast), and select webinars by more than 16 speakers from Southeast Asia- from streamers to esports operators- being broadcast on eGG Network.

The streams will also include showcases of games by local developers and publishers and also online tournament for local made-in-Malaysia games with more than RM10,000 cash of prize pool.

“We want to show the public our continuous support by hosting
Level Up Play-One,”
said Hasnul Hadi Samsudin, Vice President, Digital Creative Content, MDEC. “The main aim is to help our fellow countrymen, and gamers around Southeast Asia, feel less isolated by continuing to push the local, and regional, gaming industry.

“We look forward to this collaboration with MDEC as we believe that Level Up Play-One is exactly what gamers in the region need at this moment,” said CK Lee, Head of Sports, eGG Network, Astro.

More details, and registration for Level Up Play One can be found here.

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