Gran Turismo 7 June 2022 Update Bring Back The Legendary Suzuki Escudo, Adds New Track Watkins Glen

Gran Turismo 7 continues its monthly free content update and with June 2022, it’s another three cars. But we also get a whole new track.

Of the three new cars, two of them are more from Suzuki. As we predicted from last month, the new Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo gets a Gr.3 version, a racing version that puts the open-top concept car powered by the Hayabusa superbike engine on par with other GT3 racing cars.

However, arguably the biggest of the three is the other Suzuki. It’s the Suzuki V6 Escudo Pikes Peak Special from 1998. This monster of a hill climb machine with its massive wing is made iconic back in Gran Turismo 2 where it was fondly remembered by fans as the most overpowered car in that game’s roster. It may not be so these days, but old-school GT fans should still be excited to give this car a go (assuming it’s not ridiculously priced as many other legendary cars).

Finally, the last of the three cars is also quite the legend, from 1932. The Ford Roadster, one of the most iconic hotrods, is here in GT7 with this new update.

Update 1.17 also brings us a brand new track to Gran Turismo 7, and a new track for the series in general. Watkins Glen International, the road course residing in the center of the state of New York, USA is here.

The course features many undulations and a lot of tricky corners. NASCAR usually raced here believe it or not. Those stock cars usually only turn left, but when do turn right, it’s at this kind of track.

The Glen in GT7 features two layouts, the Long Course and the Short Course, which omits the “boot” section of the track.

Plus, new locations featuring Watkins Glen are added in Scapes mode as well for your photography pleasure.

Alongside the big new content addition,s Update 1.17 also adds new “extra” menus at GT Cafe. Instead of Menu Books, which make up the core progression of the racing game, these extra menus are side objectives that unlock when you reach a certain Collector Level.

The three new Extra Menus added are:

  • Collection: Toyota 86 opens (Collector Level 20)
  • Collection: Honda Type R’ (Collector Level 20)
  • Collection: Rotary Engine (Collector Level 32)

Source: Gran Turismo

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