Gran Turismo 7 Is Adding An Ambulance

Somebody call the ambulance… but not for me. Gran Turismo has revealed that as part of the upcoming GT World Series Showdown 2023 on August 11 and 12, special campaign giveaways are being held with in-game prizes for Gran Turismo 7 to be won.

The last time a similar giveaway was done, it was to introduce the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo, an exclusive car designed specifically for Gran Turismo by the esteemed racing and car brand.

This time around, the award car is literally an ambulance. The Toyota Ambulance Himedic 2021 will be available by simply watching the stream of the event, preferably live.

Watching the Nations Cup stream live will net you the new vehicle on August 14. Watching the stream within the campaign time, which lasts until August 20, will net you the vehicle on August 21.

You can also watch the Manufacturers Cup, which offers a 6-star roullette ticket as a reward for you to unlock a free (and random) engine swap.

The Toyota Ambulance Himedic 2021 will be available for everyone to purchase in a future update, so this Viewers Campaign, accessed from the limited-time banner on GT7’s world map, gives you early access to a rather important vehicle in society, but a weird choice for a racing game where you only race on closed circuits.

On that note, a new game update for GT7 is scheduled to arrive on August 7, ahead of the GT World Series Showdown event, with four cars teased.

Source: Gran Turismo

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