No Gran Turismo 7 Content Update For July 2023, But One’s Coming In Early August

The news is not there is no news, but not the news you expect. Polyphony Digital won’t be releasing an update for Gran Turismo 7 for July 2023, but there will be a content update on August 7.

The upcoming update looks to be a typical monthly content update of new cars, as series producer Kazunori Yamauchi has posted a teaser featuring silhouettes of the new arrivals.

One could think of it as a delay of sorts. A typical GT7 update will see Yamauchi posting the silhouette the week before the update drops, usually on the final Thursday of each month.

As for the teaser cars, fans are speculating that at least one of the four cars featured is another oddball- a van it looks like. Plus one of them looks to be the Toyota GR Corolla, which was announced earlier to be included in a future update. Though the car will be limited to participants of the Toyota GT Cup until September.

This year, GT7 missed one month for its usual monthly content update, and that was the month before the release of PS VR2 support. All added content has been free, notwithstanding the grind to have enough in-game money to afford the new cars, which is still a problem.

Gran Turismo 7 is avaialble on PS4 and PS5 and includes support for PS VR2.

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