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Fuji Speedway And At Least Four New Cars Coming In Future Gran Turismo Sport Update


Last weekend saw the second Gran Turismo World live event held at Hangar-7, Salzburg, Austria. The event itself is another test of sorts before the FIA Nations Cup and Manufacture Series finals commence later this year. And it’s shaping to be great. The production values have kicked up a notch. The commentary is on point and the racing itself is close and exciting to watch.

Catch the archive stream here:

But the biggest takeaway from the event this time is some new content being teased. While the first GT World Tour event saw an updated tyre model being used, this time we saw one new track, yet to be released in the game, and at least four new cars.

The first Nations Cup race of the day was on Fuji Speedway, first appeared back in Gran Turismo 4. As for the cars, we saw the Honda NSX-R, the iconic 90’s Japanese sports car and the Nissan 300ZX. These are N300 cars.

Later on, the third Nations Cup race showed that drivers got to pick at least two new cars, both Porsches. The 911 GT3 (996) and 911 GT3 (997) will also appear. The former has once appeared unofficially in Gran Turismo 3, requiring use of Game Shark codes to access it. This is the first new Porsches to be added post-launch, the base game had four cars.

Aside from that there are now designated zones for drivers to serve penalties to stop them gaming the penalty system. Outside of using the built-in penalty system, live stewards were present investigating any on-track incident.

Gran Turismo Sport has a good record of adding new content monthly. So we can expect to see these cars and Fuji Speedway arriving as soon as this week.

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