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Gran Turismo World Tour Nurburgring Event Gives Glimpse Of Possible Gran Turismo Sport Update


Gran Turismo World Tour Nurburgring was an event held at the Nurburgring circuit in Germany, accompanying the 24 Hours Of Nurburgring endurance race. 30 of the best drivers in Europe were invited to participate in the FIA Nations Cup and Manufactures Cup.

While the event gives hope to the future of Gran Turismo Sport as an esport (more on that in an upcoming feature), it also gives a glimpse of possibly a new update. The version of GT Sport that the players were playing was a different development build.

Two features have been confirmed so far: one is a spectator mode with improved UI. It loses a lot of the clean and slick look of the original, but it fits much better when you look at it as a broadcast of a motorsport event. New camera angles, such as a roof cam that tracks that car in front and a close-up on the wheels were seenin the livestream for the event.

The other change is a different tyre model, which was said to be much slower in performance (evident from the qualifying laps the players set was seen 1 second slower than the top times despite the players being the top players in Europe) but also said to give better feedback should grip is lost, especially for steering wheel players.

It is still unconfirmed whether this build will only be available for special events, or some of these changes will be seen in the upcoming monthly update.