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E3 2019 : Press Conferences Schedule In Malaysia Time And What To Expect


So, it’s that time again.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, more commonly known as E3, has roll up towards the Los Angeles Convention Center for another year of game makers trying to reel you in on their upcoming titles. And for us here at Gamer Matters, we have compile all of the conferences date into one simple picture for you guys to enjoy, all in our local Malaysian timet.

E3 2019!

Let’s go through it, shall we?

EA (June 9, 12.15 AM)

EA will kick things off on June 9 with their 3-hours long EA Play livestream that will feature the new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, new stuff for sleeper hit Apex Legends and Bioware’s Anthem, plus the newest installment for both FIFA and Madden titles. Will we also see a new secret title dropped there? Probably not and since Need For Speed is also out of the picture, I reckon that’s about it.

Xbox (June 10, 4 AM)

With the absence of their title rival, Sony(more on that later), Xbox is going all out with a reported 18 first party title being unveiled by them. So maybe some gameplay for Halo Infinite, Gears 5 too and since Sony isn’t there, they could announce that weird cloud gaming collaboration. Of course, the newly announced Xbox Game Pass PC will make an appearance as well, so it’s looking positive for the team in green.

Bethesda (June 10, 8.30 AM)

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Oh boy, Bethesda post-Fallout 76 is going to be quite interesting. Besides Wolfenstein Youngblood and Doom Eternal, there isn’t anything else they could unveil…. unless they go all out and just straight-up show some gameplay for Elder Scrolls 6 or Starfield to please the fans.

Devolver Digital (June 10, 10 AM)

EXPECT ANYTHING AND/OR NOTHING. Maybe a Robocop joke here and there.

PC Gaming Show (June 11, 1 AM)

PC Gaming show is quite of an anomaly, with the games shown here in the past few years, which ranges from good to mediocre at best. But with Epic Games being their big sponsor this year, they could announce something unique at this year. Rebeillion (the Sniper Elite guys) will announce something there, as well as our favorite dev team Digital Extremes joining in on the announcing train.

Ubisoft (June 11, 4 AM)

Ubisoft has already showcase the games  being feature live, with the likes of Ghost Recon Breakpoint and perhaps DLC showcase for The Division 2 and For Honor. But they do have some secret stuff to showcase here as well. Watch_Dogs 3 or even a new Splinter Cell? We can only speculate for now.

AMD (June 11, 6 AM)

AMD is also doing a showcase for the “future of PC, console and cloud gaming for years to come”. What black magic are they planning this time is unknown but expect it on our PS5s, new Xboxes or even PCs in the near future.

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Kinda Funny Games Showcase (June 11, 7.30 AM)

Last time it was 69, so people are expecting big things for Kinda Funny Games to do justice for the Indie titles. With a slot right before Square Enix, they have a lot to live up to.

Square Enix (June 11, 9 AM)

The highly speculated and anticipated by fans game for this E3 is none other than the Crystal Dynamic’s Avengers game, finally being teased after years of radio silence. What are they going to show? Nobody knows! Also Square Enix could even slot in a DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3, maybe showcase the new Dragon Quest Walk (or even XII), present some gameplay for Dying Light 2 and perhaps reveal the release date for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 1 with Tifa in it. That’s what E3 is for right?

Nintendo (June 12, 12 AM)

Nintendo, being secretive and surprising as always, is going to cap off the conferences as usual with their very campy Nintendo Direct. Will we see more Daemon X Machina, Astral Chain or even something else entirely? We haven’t heard about Metro Prime 4 for a while, so perhaps a teaser trailer with Samus Aran should be enough. Or even that long-awaited Switch lite without the dock. Lots of possibilities.

And that concludes this feature on E3 2019. Sony isn’t doing anything special this year (With them announcing Death Stranding’s release date alreadybut maybe sometime in their own Playstation Experience event would we see more news on games and the PS5. Maybe they haven’t recovered the budget on E3 after this Shakuhachi performance last year. Also, we are going to get something from our favorite lich king THQNordic over a revived IP. Intrigue to see what that is.

In any case, hope you guys enjoy E3 this year!