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Here’s All 69 (!) Game Announcements From The Kinda Funny Games Showcase



With no main PSX event this year, the folks at Kinda Funny decided to host their own game announcements show to complement The Game Awards.

Kinda Funny Games Showcase has brought over 69 game announcements for its 1-hour pre-recorded show. Most of them are cool indie games you might never heard of before. Some are coming out soon, some has been already been released just as the broadcast ended.

So here’s all 69 game announcements compiled into one place, for those who missed the show and would want to skim through it all.

1: Super Meat Boy Forever

The first sequel to the 2D platformer Super Meat Boy. Play as Meat Boy or Bandage Girl in 7200 handcrafted levels that are hard, but fair. A sharper art, a story with cutscenes and new mechanics like combat are added.

It will be out on April 2019 for the PS4, PC via Epic Games Store, Xbox One and Switch.

2: YIIK: A Postmodern RPG

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A surreal RPG taking inspiration from JRPGs like Earthbound. The characters are all normal-looking dudes and gals presented in a low-poly artstyle, but thrown in very odd situations. It all started as main character Alex tries to find a girl that mysteriously disappeared in an elevator and it goes wilder from there. Combat is turn-based with some mini-games for attacks.

It will be out on January 17th, 2019 for the PS4, PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

3: At Sundown

A multiplayer top-down shooter where hiding in the shadows will make you invisible, making for some stealth-heavy gameplay. Up to four players, online and offline, can play together.

It is out now on PC via Discord Store but will be available on the PS4, PC via Steam, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch January 22nd.

4: Aftercharge

A 3v3 competitve shooter where a squad of invisible robots fight against a squad of invincible robots. The invisible robots have to destroy energy extractors, the invincible, with a full arsenal of weapons, have to stop them.

It will launch on PC via Steam and Xbox One January 10th. You can sign-up for the beta here.

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5: ToeJam & Earl: Back In The Groove!

The sequel to the funky Sega Genesis game has a release date. Unlike the last entry on the original Xbox where it went full 3D, Back In The Groove! harkens back to the original game’s isometric look, now featuring HD artwork. It also supports split-screen co-op.

The game had some delays, but will now launch on March 1st for the PS4, PC via Steam, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

6: Quarantine Circular, Out Now On Switch

The latest game from Mike Bithell’s Bithell Games (Thomas Was Alone, Volume, Subsurface Circular). It is another highly-focused adventure game that can be finished in one sitting like Subsurface Circular, where conversations are the star of the show. And you better talk your way out in the right way or mankind will be doomed this time.

The game has been out on PC via Steam, but it is now out on Nintendo Switch.

7: Adams Ascending

A new supernatural adventure game by one man named Nick DePalo. Yes, that live-action trailer is him in a space suit of sorts.

The game is now seeking funding on Kickstarter.

8: Operencia: The Stolen Sun

From the makers of the many Pinball FX games comes a new first-person RPG set in a fantasy world. Described as an homage to old-school dungeon crawler, this really feels like The Bard’s Tale and the games of the era.

Featuring turn-based combat where you only see the enemies and a party of companions, explore this fantasy world which weaves in Central European folklore and legends. The developers are from Hungary, so this is cool to see.

It will be out on PC via Steam soon and other platforms, to be announced. You can sign up for a closed beta here.

9: Moving Out

Packing up items to move out can be boring. “Let’s make a game out of it and spice things up with silliness,” is what SMG Studios and Devm Games thought when making this game.

Your job as a Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician (F.A.R.T.) to move out items into designated packing trucks, by any means necessary. Chuck them out of window, pass it to your friend on the other side of the road, navigate through floods, outrun boulders, carry a giraffe, use conveyor belts, avoid saw traps on the floor. You know, the usual stuff when moving out.

It will be out on PC and consoles sometime next year.

10: Super Stickman Golf Blitz

Noodlecake Games announced something called Super Stickman Golf Blitz (not to be confused with Blitz Golf, which is real thing in golf). Nothing to go much right now other than this peculiar live-action trailer and this website.

11: Motorball

But that’s not all. Noodlecake also teased Motorball, a 2D Rocket League-like game where you play football/soccer with cars, but this time from the top-down perspective and possibly for mobile. It too has a website.

12: Conan Unconquered

Funcom revealed a new RTS game by Petroglyph Studios, the RTS veterans that did Grey Goo, Star Wars: Empire At War and also Command And Conquer. This is also the studio that are working on the new Command And Conquer remasters.

It will be out on PC via Steam, no release date was given.

13: Lapis x Labyrinth, Coming To The West

Stack your chibi party members high and watch the colourful gems go flying. This 2D dungeon crawling RPG will be out on PS4 and Switch in English sometime in 2019.

14: Danganronpa Trilogy Physical Release

NIS America is also bringing the Danganropa Trilogy into one neat physical release. Like all the physical releases announcements later, this may only be available in the west and not Asia.

15: The Messenger, Picnic Panic DLC

Kicking off the DLC announcement block is the platformer with an interesting gimmick, The Messenger. The Picnic Panic DLC is available for free and will be available in 2019.

16: Human: Fall Flat, Dark DLC

Ragdoll platformer where struggling with the controls is half the fun Human: Fall Flat is also getting free DLC. The new level, Dark, plays on classic horror tropes, but nothing is that scary when you have to bumble about not to fall off a cliff and avoiding your friends that may throw you off one.

It will be out on PC on December 10th, with the console versions (PS4, Xbox One, Switch) getting it sometime in 2019.

17: Shirtless Arachnid Person DLC For Guacamelee! 2

Now isn’t this a little self-indulgent. You can play as the Shirtless Arachnid Person (who is totally not Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller topless with a Spider-Man mask on) by entering a cheat code at the costume menu. It is:

down, down, up, up, right, left, right, left, up, left.

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The Shirtless Arachnid Person also turns into Portillo the chicken.

The code should work now on PS4 and PC (Steam). The Metroidvania platformer will be out on Xbox One and Switch.

18: When Ski Lifts Go Wrong

Imagine the many bridge-building games like Poly Bridge or Bridge Constructor: Portal. But now use that template to make ski lifts, gondolas, ramps and jumps. Most likely, it will go wrong.

The game is in Steam Early Access and this new trailer reveals new content coming out as it will be leaving Early Access in early 2019.

19: Rival Megagun Physical Release

Rival Megagun, a shoot-em-up with two-player PVP is out now. A physical release was announced coming in 2019.

20 and 21: Windjammers Physical Release, Celeste Physical Release By Limited Run

Cult hit competitive frisbee throwing game Windjammers and Game Of The Year contender, 2D platformer with a lot of heart are getting physical releases via Limited Run.

22: Mineko’s Night Market

This begins the rapid showcase of upcoming games published by Humble Bundle.

Mineko’s Night Market is a game about “crafting crafts, eating eats, and catting cats”. Described as a celebration of Japanese culture, you spend your day exploring the village and its outskirts for items, or craft new ones, for it to be sold later in the night market. Various mini-games, fun activities and a mystery to discover in this game. Also, cats.

It is coming to PC via Steam and also the Nintendo Switch.

23: The Occupation

Immersive sim fans, rejoice! In The Occupation, you play as a journalist set to investigate an event where many lives were lost. It is 24th October 1987. Time is of the essence, as everything and everyone moves in real-time and entirely systems-driven.

The game has been long in development, the trailer we feature here is from last year. It will be out on PS4, PC via Steam and Xbox One on February 5th 2019.

24: Disco Elysium

Think about an old-school isometric RPG. Now remove combat and use that system to make a detective game. That’s what Disco Elysium is set to do and boy does it look interesting.

It will be out in the first half of 2019 for PC via Steam.

25: Slay The Spire

The single-player deck building game combines trading cards with rougelikes. It is out now on PC via Steam and it is coming to Switch next year.

26: Fae Tactics

A very beautiful looking strategy tactics RPG. Though it has been long in development, it is set for release sometime in 2019 on PC via Steam.

27: Ikenfell

The last of the games showcase by publishers Humble Bundle.

This is a 8-bit style RPG where positioning matters during the turn-based combat. It involves the adventures of the students in the school of Ikenfell, where magic is taught.

28: Long Gone Days Release Date

A military RPG with “a focus on language and cultural barriers”. The trailer reveals a gritty world where war may be spreading further, peppered with moments of levity where you hang out with the party members. Keeping morale high and ensuring you communicate well is key in this game.

It is out now on Steam Early Access. It will leave Early Access in April 2019.

29: Away: Journey To The Unexpected Release Date

It’s not the first time developers from France and Japan team up (look at Furi), but it’s still cool to see nonetheless. Away: Journey To The Unexpected is a first-person game where you face against 2D enemy sprites. Some of them can be recruited, should you befriend them. Having new party members will allow you to control them and use their abilities.

It will be out on PC sometime in February 2019, and also coming to the PS4 (February 5th), Switch (February 7th) and Xbox One (February 8th).

30: Vane Release Date

You play as a bird that can transform into a child as you uncover this interesting foreign world. Vane is described as “an enigmatic and unnerving game that aims to leave an impact.”

It will be out on PS4 January 15th, 2019 in North America and Europe.

31: Bury Me, My Love Release Date For PC And Switch

Another simple narrative game, but a powerful one. It’s a story of a Syrian couple, Nour and Majid, as Nour tries to find her way off to Europe. A love story with the background of the current, bleak situation in Syria.

Originally a mobile game, it will now make its way for release on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch, out on January 10th, 2019.

32: The Wild Eight Release Date

This low-poly game blends in survival elements and Diablo into a game about surviving the frozen wilderness of Alaska. Up to eight players can play together.

This game has been Steam Early Access for a while, and will be a full product in March 2019.

33: Slime-San Creator Out Now

Platformer series Slime-San new entry adds level creation tools to make your own crazy, hard, or crazy hard levels. It is now available on Steam.

34: Sumo Out Now

A game by able Table 9 Studio, it’s a game of Sumo, sort of. It’s a physics-based multiplayer game where the goal is to not go out of the ring. You also play as spherical characters with special abilities.

It is out now on Steam Early Access.

35: Notmycar Beta Starts Now

Twisted Metal battle royale. H1Z1 sort of did that but in Notmycar, you only control the car in this battle royale game. The vehicular combat game is now published by Skybound Games.

Also, the beta is now live. You can sign up here (scroll down a bit).

36: Anthem’s New Story Trailer Breakdown

Anthem had a new trailer debuted at The Game Awards recently. Now there is a breakdown of the trailer by Lead Producer Mike Gamble.

Although the showcase only show a small bite of the piece, you can view it in full in the embedded video above.

37: Color

This is the first of three games in the puzzle block of the showcase.

Developed by Dual Studios, this is puzzler that is all about colour theory. Understanding how you can derive colours by adding or subtracting other colours is key to solve this minimalist puzzle.

It will be out for PC via Steam in 2019.

38: Reading Rush

Select a row of alphabets in ascending order, how hard can that be? Reading Rush will test your ABCs as you are prompted to select random letters in the order of the alphabet while time is ticking.

Developed by The Frozen Machine, it will be out on Android and iOS devices this month.

39: Collapsus

This interesting puzzler by Wraith Games has you to click and destroy one block, with the goal of forming a line of at least four same-coloured tiles to be adjacent of each other. You have limited clicks, and doing combos will replenish it back. Also, you can rotate the board all around too.

It is coming out on PS4, PC via Steam, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita and mobile in 2019. You can try an early build of the game over on here.

40: Triwave

The last game on the puzzle block of the show.

Triwave is a puzzler with some sick beats. A colour appears in the center, you can push it down, left or right. Forming a ring of the same colours or a stack of three same colours on each side to clear them.

It looks as trippy as Tetris Effect. You can sign-up to beta test the game here.


41: Dawnthorn

This begins the action-adventure slot of the showcase.

Dawnthorn is a throwback adventure game to the days of Startropics 1 and 2, the original Legend of Zelda, and Link’s Awakening. This is a prequel to another game, Hazelnut Bastille, which is on Kickstarter right now.

Dawnthorn is available for free for backers of Hazelnut Bastille over 5USD. It will be made available in 2019.

42: Anew: The Distant Light

A single-player, open-world, side-scrolling action and adventure game by two-person dev team Resonator Games. With many abilities, weapons, and vehicles to use.

It will be out on PC and consoles in Summer 2019.

43: Double Cross

A 2D platformer with a cute and colourful artstyle. Play as Zahra, an agent that protects the many dimensions. It definitely gives a Mega Man vibe to it. Zahra has a Proton Slinger to sling herself around levels and players can customise and upgrade her abilities to your liking.

It will be out on PC and Nintendo Switch January 2019.

44: Devil Engine

A rad looking shoot-em-up. Shoot your way through the crazy bullet hell to face against the Devil Engine. It is coming out on PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch in 2019.

A demo is out on Steam.

45: Reverie: Sweet As Edition

This top-down action-adventure game developed by Rainbite, set on a fictional island in New Zealand. The game is influenced by legend of Maui and the Giant Fish.

The game is out on PS4 and PS Vita. The Sweet As Edition is for Nintendo Switch will add Nightmare Difficulty, a quick select item wheel, an in-game trophy system, a new minigame, as well as updated sprites and dialogue.

Reverie : Sweet As Edition is set to launch early next year, but in limited quantity.

46: Virgo VS The Zodiac

Does those horoscope readings ever tell you that Virgos are evil? At least in this game, it is. You play as Virgo as she wrecks havoc on the whole Zodiac Realm so she could bring back the Golden Age. Which may be a bad thing, considering her actions to get there.

The game is inspired by Super Mario RPG so it has a more involved combat, with mini-games. As evil as she is, you can befriend folks, with choices you make affecting the ending.

The game is being made by Moonana and was funded through Fig It will be out soon on PC via Steam.

47: Boyfriend Dungeon

Dungeon crawling can get lonely, so why not play a dungeon crawler where you get to date your loot, the weapons?

Boyfriend Dungeon is an isometric action game, but during the downtime you can woo your weapons in a visual novel-style gameplay. And they are hot. No matter how you swing, they should be a weapon for you to take on a slow walk at a beach, or to the club.

Boyfriend Dungeon will be out next year in 2019 for PC via Steam.

48: Knifeboy

This is the part of the showcase where it gets weird.

Knifeboy is a 2D Metroidvania where you play as a duded.. with a knife on its head? And he summon a spirit that also has a knife on the head to headbutt his opponent? At least he can roll around like Sonic while in the air, which makes the knife on the head useful.

It will be out On PC via Steam in 2019, and is 95% done. If you like to ask the one man responsible of this wonderful creation, he can be found here.


49: Vulpine

You play as animals with weapons in their mouth. That’s pretty weird. It’s also an open world action adventure game by Clockwork Giant Games.

The game will be out on PC via Steam in 2019.

50: Mini-Mech Mayhem

Not so sure what is weird with this one. Maybe funny. This PS VR game has you play a strategy game where you watch your mini-mechs on the tabletop battle it out.

It will be out in early 2019.

51: Rym 9000

The last weird game from the showcase.

Rym 9000 is a balls-to-the-walls shoot-em-up that require a epilepsy warning. Which it does for the trailer we put on here.

The game is out on PC via Steam already, but a PS4 release is said to be “within 3 months”, handled by the same developers as Everie. It will also have a limited physical release.

52: Log Jammers

This begins a list of couch-multiplayer games.

Log Jammers is like Windjammers. But replace the frisbee with a throwing axe and the court with a river where players float on logs.

The game is set for release in January 2019 the latest for the PS4, PC via Steam, Xbox One and Switch.

53: Turbolance

Up to four players can play this motorcycle jousting game. A demo is available.

It will be released on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch next year.

54: Thunder Rally

Remember the Micro Machine? Or its spiritual successor Mashed? Now take that top-down racing game with weapons and have them all in an arena for a demolition derby, but with weapons.

Oh and you can get out of your car and steal others.

It will be out on PC and consoles sometime next year.

55: Wreckout

This is the end of the multiplayer block of the showcase.

It’s multiplayer cars playing other games, but instead of football/soccer like in Rocket League, this time it’s.. Atari’s Breakout?

It will be out on PS4, PC via Steam, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch next year.

56: Ape Out

Hotline Miami by way of a stylised gorilla. Published by Devolver Digital (just like Hotline Miami), this is brutal twin-stick shooter that’s all about fast reflexes and adaptability.

Also, the gorilla you control can take enemies as a human shield and have them fire their guns. Also, you can chuck people out of windows.

Ape Out will be unleashed on February 7th on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

57: Fight Knight

Fight Knight is about a knight that fights with his fists.

Part first-person dungeon-crawler, part high-speed action fisticuffs, Fight Knight channels the aesthetics of murky sprites reminiscent of the PS1 era and make it look cool.

Explore the tower, solve puzzle, and fight some enemies. Also a ton of head-bobbing.

Fight Knight will be out in 2019 for the PS4, PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. Hopefully.

58: Tunche

This gorgeous hand-drawn 2D beat-em-up supports up to four players as you smash your way in the Amazonian jungle. And you also have magical shaman powers.

The game is aiming for a PS4, PC via Steam, Xbox One and Switch release. A Kickstarter campaign will start on January 14th.

59: It Lurks Below

Do you know that David Brevik, the creator of Diablo, is now making games all by himself? It Lurks Below sure looks similar to Terraria but it has all the RPG mechanics you wanted. And of course, plenty of loot.

The game is out now on Steam Early Access.

60: Hardcore (Working Title)

Hardcore is not just a shooter homaging the 90’s, it is a shooter from the 90’s. Back in 1994, Psygnosis cancelled a game developed by DICE (yes, now know for Battlefield) which was almost finished. Now it is going to be released on PS4 and PS Vita.

Experience the “Euro-shooter” game of the 90’s, today! Or more accurately, 2019.

61: Supermarket Shriek

Ride a shopping cart with a goat across the supermarket. That itself is one strong game pitch.

When it’s already that silly, expect the supermarket layouts to get even sillier as well.

It will be out in 2019.

62: The Church In The Darkness

In this game, you are in South America to check up on your nephew, who is part of the The Collective Justice Mission. Followers of this cult has relocated to South America and founded Freedom Town.

What you do from here is entirely systematic. You can sneak in, knock out guards or kill your way through, with how you approach the situation changing the story being told.

It is coming to PS4, PC via Steam and Xbox One in 2019.

63: A Fold Apart

Long distance relationships can be hard, but this neat little game will make you believe it’s worth it. It features a nifty mechanic where you fold the level layouts like a piece of paper. Even when you are miles apart, you will just be a fold away…

It is developed by Lightning Rod Games and will be out on PS4, PC via Steam, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch next year.


64: Falcon Age

This PS VR game has you taking care of a pet falcon. Watch it grow, train it and give fist bumps as you travel together on on your fight to preserve your culture and take down the automated colonisers.

Also, you get to fist bump the bird.

It will be available in 2019 and can also be played on PS4, sans VR.

65: Jenny LeClue – Detectivu Coming To Switch

You play as Jenny LeClue as you investigate the sleepy town of Arthurton to clear her mother’s name who has been accused a murderer. Find the real killer in this part 2D platformer, part adventure game, filled with sassy decisions to make.

The game is also coming out on PS4 and PC via Steam.

66: Desert Child

What if Star Wars’ pod racing is part of our lives? What if you are living with minimum wage, living off scraps you can win from winning pod racers?

Desert Child is focused on making something like that, with a tinge of Cowboy Bebop. Go deep into the world of this hoverbike racing shooter while managing whatever money you have for maintenance. For your bike and yourself. Your goal? Get to the Red Planet to race in the biggest race of all, the Grand Prix.

Desert Child is coming out on the PS4, PC via Steam, GoG, Game Jolt, and Green Man Gaming and Nintendo Switch on December 11th, 2018. It will be on Xbox One one day later.


67: Stormdivers

This is Housemarque’s first game after announcing that they are now abandoning the arcade shooter games they are known for. Now they are making a battle royale game. Here’s a new trailer showing gameplay

It looks flashy with plenty of particle effects thanks to their pedigree of arcade shooters. But it still looked a bit stiff in some places.

68: Judgment (previously Project Judge)

The previously teased announcement involving Sega has been revealed to be a new trailer for Ryu Ga Gotoku’s new game. Previously known as Project Judge and as Judge Eyes in Japan, the game is now called Judgment for English audiences.

The new trailer also revealed that the game will have English voice-acting, like Fist Of The North Star: Lost Paradise.

Judgment will be out in English/for the West in 2019 for the PS4.

69: The Walking Dead Final Season: Episode 3

The one more thing and show-ender announcement. After the tumultuous collapse of Telltale Games, The Walking Dead Final Season was in limbo.

Skybound Entertainment picked up the rights to the series with the intention to retain most of the development staff to finish off the final season properly.

Now it is confirmed that Episode 3 is right on track for release. It will be released on January 15th.