E3 2019: All The Games Announced At EA Play

This morning, EA held a 3 hour live-stream event showcasing their upcoming games, bookmarking Day 1 (or Day 2 if you count Google Stadia’s direct) of the famous E3 Conferences.

They also reveal three EA Original games post-show and why they didn’t cram it into the long stream as well is interesting, to say the least.

But anyway,here are the games announced there.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

A third-person action single player game with Force powers, lightsabers, throwable Storm Troopers, and Wookies by the guys who made the excellent Titanfall 2 campaign. It’s already better than the last two Battlefronts and looks mighty exciting. Read our thoughts here!

Apex Legends

Season 2 for this sleeper battle royale game is coming later this month, with a returning gun from Titanfall 2,as well as a new legend character in the form of Wattson (I kid you not, that’s her name), who is kinda like a support class Mei but with electricity. Also a dragon teaser, for reasons unknown.

Battlefield 5

New maps located in Greece and France are heading towards the now two years old shooter. They are also bringing in the Pacific War into the game quite soon (DICE even visited Hawaii for research),along with the famous M1 Garand and their signature “PING” sound, expect that sometime this Fall.


New mode in the form of Futsal! No wait, Votla Football. Plus some quality of life changes, which you can read here.

Madden 20

Somehow the game has more excitement than FIFA. I mean, look at all of these playbooks! And a interesting story mode! Heck, I might even try it for myself.

The Sims 4

New island,new career in the form of being a conservationist and a new Mermaid trait, it’s all looking swimmingly for The Sims 4. You can read it up here.

EA Originals

Post show, EA published a short video updating us on what their EA Original teams have been doing over the past year and in it (made by multiple Indie devs, including A Way Out’s Joseph Fares),  two games have been named from the ones that the video highlighted: Lost in Random by the creator’s of FE and RustHeart from Glowhead. This is also joined in by Hazelight’s untitled new game, which we can expect all of them releasing sometime within the future.

And that’s it for EA. Not a lot but it’s quite a meaty selection. Anthem was avoided any attention (for good reasons), so was Need For Speed and the new Dragon Age but I reckon we might see them in Gamescom later this year.

But for now, we wait for Day 2 of E3.


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