E3 2018: Metal Wolf Chaos XD Announced For PS4, PC And Xbox One

OK, Let's Partyyyyyyyy!!!

Do you believe in your own justice? Because the good folks at Devolver Digital has made a dream into a reality.

Metal Wolf Chaos, an all-American patriotic mecha game by Japanese developers From Software about the President Of The United States single-handedly battling a coup orchestrated by his Vice President using a mecha named Metal Wolf will be remastered. The original 2004 original Xbox exclusive was only released in Japan, but gained a cult following thanks to videos such as the ones done by Super Best Friends Play.

Devolver teased an image related to Metal Wolf Chaos leading to its spectacular E3 press conference.

The remaster will feature upgraded visuals, support for widescreen and maintains the campy voicelines that made fans love this game so much. Devolver is partnering with General Arcade in bringing this obscure game by From Software to the modern era.

Remember, nothing is impossible. Because I am the President Of The Great United States Of America. It will be sometime this year for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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