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Devolver Is Teasing Something Related To From Software’s Metal Wolf Chaos



Do you believe in your own justice? Because Devolver Digital is teasing something. Something big.

This tweet might be unassumingly can be anything at first glance, it’s The Seal Of The President Of The United States Of America. Only that it is not just any other Seal Of The President Of The United States Of America.

Metal Wolf Chaos was an original Xbox exclusive, exclusively in Japan. It’s a mecha action game, but rather than playing it straight with a serious plot like Armored Core, it’s a campy story how President Of The United States Of America Michael Wilson surviving through a coup d’état launched by his Vice President Richard Hawk. How? By going through a tour around the country and defeating the US Army with the President’s very own mecha, Metal Wolf.

If you thought Saints Row IV’s story about being the President of the USA is silly, this predates that game and has a similarly silly intro sequence.

The game received its cult hit status starting from 2012 where Youtubers Two Best Friends Play gave the game a try on Machinima, to hillarious results.

The group, now called Super Best Friends Play, then did a full Let’s Play of the game, which features all-English voiceovers but all-Japanese texts, in early 2016, with a message to let From Software know that there is interest about the game. Around the same time the Let’s Play is still running, Devolver Digital joins in, showing interest that they too want to bring Metal Wolf Chaos to more players.

Now the question is that what will be announced. Is it a Metal Wolf localisation? Metal Wolf geting backwards compatibility for the Xbox One? We floated the idea of the latter on our Pre-E3 Predictions.

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Now there’s something look forward to on Devolver Digital’s E3 showcase, which will return this year. Based on what was shown last year, our last-minute viewing guide to E3 suggested to expect nothing. We shall see if Devolver could deliver.