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E3 2018: Here’s All The Big Game Announcements From Bethesda


Another year, another Bethesda press conference. This is their fourth E3 presence in this form and so far they have established a good formula: only announce games here that will release before the next E3 arrives, or better yet, announcing something new that is arriving this year.

They broke that formula for the last two big announcements, but still, there’s plenty of potentially good games being shown.

Rage 2

“Are you ready to Rage?” After an unexpected musical performance by Andrew W.K- whose song “Get Ready To Die” is in the Rage 2 reveal trailer and a dig at Walmart, more Rage 2 was shown with a more contextualised gameplay sequence.

Shooting looks like Doom, with more powers and abilities. The car combat looks like Mad Max, as you would expect.

Elder Scrolls: Legends

Tha fantasy card game will be relaunching after switching out developers. It will be out on PS4, Xbox One and Switch alongside the mobile and PC release- which needs to be redownloaded.

Elder Scrolls Online

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More Elder Scrolls Online, the MMO based in the Elder Scrolls universe, have been unveiled and will continue to be updated with more content.

Doom Eternal

Hell is literally on Earth. Doom Eternal is a sequel to Doom 2016, with more badass demons, twice as many from Doom. Some unexpected features to be shown more at QuakeCon, which we will learn more about outside of this teaser.

Quake Champions

Quake Champions is still in Early Access with a paid entry fee, but during the free weekend starting now to June 17th, you get access to the game for free forever.


Prey is recieveing a free update that adds New Game+, a survival difficulty that makes it harder by adding more hazards such as bleeding and a Story difficulty for those who just want to get to experience the story.

Alongside that, there’s a paid DLC called Mooncrash. Teased in the past few months, the DLC have you play as Peter who is stationed at a secret moon base by Transtar only to fall into a trap by rival company KASMA Corp. You will now have to fight your way out there. The content is structured as a rougelike, with loot gathering part of the experience.

Prey will also be getting a multiplayer mode called Typhon Hunter where one person versus five mimics- think Prop Hunt but the Props are hunting down the sole person. That mode, alongside several VR modes, will be added to the Mooncrash DLC later this summer.

Wolfenstien Youngblood

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Fast forward in time to Paris 1980 where you play as BJ Blazkowicz’s twin daughters- Jessica and Sophia. It has co-op and a synthwave soundtrack.

A VR game called Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot was also announced.


More Skyrim ports. No they’re just kidding, but for some reason this might be a good idea. A Skyrim text adventure operated by voice using Alexa? Sure, the trailer sells it, even for the giggles.

Fallout 76

Now we get more details about it. It is still a Fallout game in the same vein like Fallout 4, with map four times bigger this time in the form of West Virginia, featuring six zones and more mutated wildlife- some being inspired from the local myths and legends.

The big reveal is the multiplayer. The game can be played co-op with four players, with a world populating tens of players roaming the map- with the chance to attack or befriend them. There will be dedicated servers. Emotes and photo mode was shown. The building mechanics are expanding so you can build any structure anywhere. You can now obtain and launch nukes as part of the endgame, with the fallout of the nuclear blast hiding valuable loot and resources.

It will be out in November 14 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One. There will be a beta, open for those that have pre-ordered.

Fallout Shelter

After being out on mobile and Xbox One for some time, the base building game is coming to PS4 and Switch. Out now, but not yet on PS Store Asia.

Elder Scrolls Blades

A full-on first person Elder Scrolls game, designed for mobile. It features the same combat mechanics, controls designed for mobile, support to play it in portrait mode and a town-building mechanic.

You can pre-register on iOS and Google Play Store now.


Bethesda Game Studios formally announced the very new IP- Starfield. After being rumoured for so long, they announced that this will be the next new IP for the development team for 25 years. It is sci-fi themed.

The Elder Scrolls VI

Also formally announced was the existence of The Elder Scrolls VI. Nothing was revealed, it was just a teaser, and a confirmation that the series will continue. However, the next game in the Bethesda Game Studios’ pipeline is Starfield, so don’t expect to see a new Elder Scrolls soon.

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